Project Stages

1st stage: Image Processing  and Neural Networks
The image processing is performed with Machine Learning techniques (such as Neural Networks), which will be trained on a set of images that will be annotated with the waste type in which they belong. The result will be a model that will be able to classify a given waste image to the type it belongs.

2nd stage: Clean Material

Both Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) and ceramics will be obtained. The former will be used for the production of concrete, whereas the latter will be used for the development of the new thermal and fire insulation composite material.

3rd stage: Geopolymerisation

Low-cost innovative technology, with lower environmental footprint than cement industry. Both the thermal insulation and the fire resistant materials will be produced through the geopolymer technology. Optimization of the material density for thermal insulation will be achieved by chemical and mechanical methods.

4th stage: 3D Printing and Casting

Production by precast method and 3D-printing, a novel method that offers faster and easier production and less waste generation.

5th stage: Final Product

Development of the thermal insulation and fire-resistant composite façade, that will be able to be applied either on new or existing buildings.