Project Impact


  • Enhance the state-of-the-art knowledge concerning the reuse of CDW in construction industry through the production of innovative materials.
  • Boost the recycling process in Cyprus with all possible benefits and impacts.
  • Utilization of CDW and return to the production cycle as a high value added material in the context of the Circular Economy.
  • Developing products that have an impact on the building sector.


  • Stimulate the economy by introducing new materials that increase competition.
  • Developing innovative materials by leveraging a number of companies, creating growth conditions for the economy.
  • Creating Net Added Value by investing and launching a high value-added product line and creation of a suitable environment for the further development of innovative geopolymers materials in Cyprus.


  • Developing and transferring of know-how to the industrial level in the recovery of CDW through the development of a special type of composite material.
  • Training of scientists and staff in an interdisciplinary environment related to materials engineering.
  • First time in Cyprus and in Europe, where inorganic polymers for insulation and fire resistance from CDW will be developed.


  • Low energy consumption for the development of geopolymers.
  • Low energy consumption for the waste separation.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions compared to cement and concrete industry.
  • Decrease of a waste with a simultaneous positive impact on the environmental footprint created by the deposition so far.