4th Newsletter released

Our latest DEFEAT Newsletter has been just released.

Highlighting the project's remarkable achievements over the past year, this issue covers significant milestones and advancements:

  • Separation of the Construction and Demolition Waste in real conditions / Demonstration of the Automated CDW Sorting Prototype System in pilot-scale (FRC, UCY, Netiatis).
  • Pilot-scale production of the DEFEAT final product, the Geopolymer Composite Facade, using the production techniques of casting and 3D-printing (FRC, UCY, Netiatis, RECS, Pharmakas).
  • Feasibility Study (techno-economic evaluation) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the DEFEAT products (RECS, Pharmakas, UCY).
  • Business Plan: market study and scenarios for the penetration of the DEFEAT products (STRATAGEM, RECS, Pharmakas).
  • Design and Costing of a large-scale Manuf

To explore these accomplishments and more, dive into Newsletter #4, under Media -> Publications Tab or for your convenience here.