Internal Workshop on Exploitation and IP Management

STRATAGEM, Innovation Manager of the DEFEAT Project, organized 4 sessions during October 2021 with the thematic topic "Exploitation and IP Management Workshop". The workshops aimed to provide the essential fundamental knowledge regarding the Innovation Management and how to prepare the exploitation, dissemination and communication strategy of the Project’s results.

Moreover, the purpose of the workshop was to provide the consortium Partners with background knowledge so as to design and prepare their organization’s preliminary Exploitation Strategy and identify the protection routes of their Intellectual Property Rights within the frame of the DEFEAT project.

During the workshop, the Project Partners discussed about the Exploitation Routes which can be followed for the results of the DEFEAT project and also, about their strategy for the management and protection of Intellectual Property which will be created in the project, and which is also an integral part of Innovation Management.

STRATAGEM will continue to support and work closely with all the Project Partners in order to succeed in getting the maximum impact of the Project.